Daycare Cases From the 80s

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I am often asked about how many people are still in prison as a result of the 80s daycare panic. This is an impossible question to answer, since many of the cases were only locally publicized. The Bernard Baran case, for example, was a case that Debbie Nathan just happened to stumble upon when she was researching Satan’s Silence. Had she not come upon a minor reference to the case in the New York Times archive, few would have ever heard of the case to this day.

Recently I received an email about a Florida case that I had known about but had forgotten about: the James Toward case in Florida. Toward now has a committed advocate in a young woman named Kristin Erickson. What makes this especially interesting is that Kristin was one of the children in Toward’s care twenty years ago.

Erickson has set up a web site:

There are also some long-forgotten daycare cases at my Dubious Accusations and Conviction page.

If you know of other web sites for these cases, please let me know.

It is so sad to realize that most of these innocent men and women will die in prison because our government is so committed to covering up its mistakes.

-Bob Chatelle