Farewell, Firefox!

[Note: Friends of Justice is a personal blog. I speak only for myself.]

Dear Friend of Justice,

I am creating this post using Internet Explorer, a browser I had hoped I’d never have to fall back on. But I just can’t live with Firefox anymore. Maybe I will give it another try on its next release.

My problem started when I tried to install a Firefox add-on called Firebug. I could not get it to install. I googled around for advice. I was told to create a “clean” profile. I did. Finally, I uninstalled completely and reinstalled.

I then discovered that all of my add-ons were gone and that nothing I did would bring them back.

So I tried Firefox support and discovered that it basically doesn’t exist. You are allowed to ask a question in their forum. But your question quickly gets lost, because it turns out hundreds of other people are also having terrible problems with Firefox.

I have no more time to waste on it. I don’t like Internet Explorer, but at least add-ons work with it.

I will leave Firefox on my computer because I still need it to test changes in web pages. I also have Opera, Chrome, and Safari installed for this purpose.

I’ve been using Firefox for many years. I feel I’ve been let down by an old friend.