Joseph Allen Needs Support Affidavits

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Dear Friend of Justice,

Most of you know about the case of Nancy Smith and Joseph Allen of Lorain, Ohio:

One point everyone agrees on: If Smith and Allen are not both guilty, then they are both innocent.

Nancy Smith has gained the support of the Ohio Innocence Project and they have filed a clemency petition on her behalf.

Joseph Allen has an excellent but very busy pro bono attorney.

Here is a summary of Joseph’s story:

Joseph’s attorney is also working on a clemency petition. He would like affidavits from people who can attest to Joseph’s character. I know many of you have formed a personal relationship with Joseph.

Send a letter to Joseph’s attorney, K. Ronald Bailey. He will turn it into an affidavit and mail it back to you for signature. So be sure to include your mailing address on the letter.

I presume it would be most convenient for mr. Bailey to receive these letters in electronic form. His email address is

Thank you for your concern about my good friend, Jospeh Allen.

-Bob Chatelle