Martha Coakley Does it Again!

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Dear Friend of Justice,

I live in Massachusetts, the witch-hunt state, where the spirit of Salem still lives. The enemies of justice here are many. There are former Attorneys General Scott Harshbarger and Tom Reilly, who built their political careers railroading the innocent Amirault family into prison.

There’s the motley crew in Berkshire County: the late Gerard Downing, “therapist” Jane Satullo, current DA David Capeless, Judge Daniel Ford. Perhaps their greatest victory against justice was the corrupt imprisonment of an innocent teenager, Bernard Baran, finally recently cleared of charges after twenty-five years. But we must not forget Robert Halsey, Bruce Clairmont, Paul Litchfield, Lou Piccone, Michael O’Laughlin, and many others.

And then there’s the current Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley. She is probably the most powerful and most dangerous of the enemies of justice, because the political careers of Harhsbarger and Reilly are, thankfully, at an end. Coakley built her career prosecuting and demonizing two innocent grandparents, Ray and Shirley Souza. As DA of Middlesex County she left no stone unturned to prevent the reversal of a successful wrongful prosecution. She is perhaps best known for her battle to preserve the conviction of the Amiraults. But there was at least one incident in which she tried to plea bargain someone after he had been exonerated by DNA.

Michael O’Laughlin’s conviction was recently unanimously thrown out by the First Circuit Court of Appleas, not a Court known for its sympathy for defendants. Now Coakley is coming to the aid of her buddy David Capeless and is attempting to reinstate Michael’s conviction.


Coakley seeks to reverse ‘flawed’ decision

Coakley seeks to reverse ‘flawed’ decision –

By Jack Dew Berkshire Eagle Staff LEE — The attorney general is seeking to keep Michael O’Laughlin, convicted of beating a Lee woman View Full Story

Coakley is ruthless and ambitious. She has made no secret of her desire to be a United States Senator. She was ready to go after it when there was a chance that John Kerry might be elected President and would have to give up his Senate seat. Now she is lusting after Ted Kennedy’s seat. Kennedy is seriously ill. Coakley would likely be the only prominent woman in a crowded race. She would almost certainly have the endorsement of the wretched Boston Globe. And she just made a major (and cynical) play for the gay and lesbian vote by challenging the Federal Defense of marriage Act.

And after the Senate, there’s always the Presidency.

-Bob Chatelle