Michael’s Pen Pal Site

[Note: Friends of Justice is a personal blog. I speak only for myself.]

In May of 2011, my friend Michael Waterman was released from prison. He was then 26 years old. I believe he was convicted of a crime that never occurred,

There is no realistic hope of ever reversing his conviction. This would be true even if he had tremendous financial resources. He took a guilty plea.

He took the plea because prosecutors told him they would put him away for life otherwise. He was 18 and very naive. His family — one of the most dysfunctional I’ve ever encountered, including in fiction, offered him no support whatsoever.

Michael is struggling. He is on the sex-offender registry as a level three — considered the mostly likely to reoffend. He has no job. He lives in a rooming house and survives on food stamps and SSI.

About a year ago, I helped Michael set up a prisoner pen pal site. He hoped to sell ads for $20 a year to make a little extra money. But thus far, there are only 10 ads on the site: http://www.mtprisonpenpals.com/

Perhaps you know a prisoner who might like to be listed. If you’d like to buh him or her an ad on Michael’s site, you will find the information here: http://www.mtprisonpenpals.com/buy-an-ad

Another way you could help would be just by writing one of the ten prisoners on Michael’s site: http://www.mtprisonpenpals.com/view-our-ads

Thank you for your consideration.