Movie About the Bakersfield Witch Hunt

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I just received this from Peter Freyd of the False memory Syndrome Foundation.

The day after tomorrow, on MSNBC the premier of an important new film.
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‘Witch Hunt’ premieres on MSNBC on April 12 at 10 p.m. ET

Executive Producer Sean Penn presents “Witch Hunt,” the story of
John Stoll and dozens of other men and women who found themselves
ensnared in a spiral of fear, ignorance and hysteria. These
working-class moms and dads were rounded up with little or no
evidence, charged and convicted of almost unimaginable crimes.
Years later, they would find freedom again, but their lives would
be changed forever. Watch the two-hour premiere this Sunday from
10 p.m. ET to midnight.

It will be shown again 2 hours later and at 3 a.m. ET. It is scheduled
again for Saturday, April 18, 12-2 a.m. and 3-5 a.m. ET.

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