Please Send Bob Halsey a Birthday Card

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Dear Friend of Justice,

Bob Halsey was falsely accused and arrested 18 years ago. He was railroaded into prison by the same motley crew who some years before had railroaded Bernard Baran. His judge was Dan Ford, the sleazy Baran prosecutor.

February 18th is Bob’s birthday. I believe he will turn 83. I am surprised that he has lived this long, because his health is poor and medical care for Massachusetts prisoners is practically nonexistent. Bob’s wife of many years is in a nursing home, nearly blind, and is unable to visit Bob. Their only contact is by telephone.

To learn more about Bob’s case, see

He gets very little mail. I do send him a card about once a month, but I think that is it.

If you can send him a birthday card, the address is:

Robert C. Halsey
Bridgewater State Hospital
20 Administration Road
Bridgewater MA 02324

-Bob Chatelle