The Recanters: What Happens When Abuse Claims Come Undone?

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From the Texas Observer.

But at the National Center for Reason and Justice, a national nonprofit based in Massachusetts that identifies potential cases of innocence from among high stacks of letters from prisoners and parolees around the country, it is believed that many more innocent people are out there, in prison and on parole, who will never be exonerated.

Journalist Debbie Nathan, who works with the group and wrote the book Satan’s Silence about the famed satanic ritual abuse cases of the 1980s and 1990s, said that the vast majority of cases in which someone is falsely accused of raping a child are not as lurid or absurd as the bizarre tales of sexual torture that once dominated the headlines. Sometimes the accused may be technically innocent but otherwise unsympathetic. “Maybe they hit the kid,” Nathan said, or “there is stuff going on where it’s not sexual abuse, but it might not be a savory family situation.”