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Excellent Article About the DSM

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Dear Friend of Justice,

I just wanted to share this:


Don’t Miss Out on Your Tax Deduction

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Dear Friend of Justice,

2011 is drawing to a close.  If you wish to deduct your contribution to the National Center for Reason and Justice, you must act soon.

You can mail your check (made payable to NCRJ) to NCRJ, POB 191101, Roxbury MA 02119.

You may donate via PayPal or Google Checkout at the NCRJ web site:

Without your support, the NCRJ cannot keep up its fight for justice.

Thank you!

-Bob Chatelle

A Sensible Article Urging Journalistic Caution

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The NCRJ Needs Your Help

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Dear Friend of Justice,

In 1994, Elizabeth Ramirez was 19 years old. For years, she had been spurning the sexual advances of a man in whom she had no interest. For one thing, Elizabeth is a lesbian. For another, this man was involved in a relationship with Elizabeth’s sister and they had three children together.  Often, Elizabeth would babysit these children.

After one visit, two of these children accused Elizabeth and three of her lesbian friends of sexually abusing them. I believe these accusations were coerced by the father.  It was not the first time that this man had made an unfounded accusation of sexual abuse.

There was no credible or reliable evidence presented against the four young women at trial, which was tainted with extreme homophobia. One of the two alleged victims has since recanted her accusation, asserting that she was forced to make it.

You can read about this case here.

These four young women languished in prison for many years without hope. The National Center for Reason and Justice is now sponsoring this case, and we are making progress. We have found them an excellent lawyer. But we need money to achieve justice.

The lawyer would like to garner public support for the women’s innocence by having Elizabeth take a polygraph test. Hewants to use an expert who usually charges $3,500. In this instance, he is willing to reduce it to $2,200.  If Elizabeth agrees, the NCRJ will pay the bill,  even though our financial resources are very limited.

The NCRJ relies entirely on the contributions of individual donors. We have one fund-raising drive a year, which is going on right now. Many of you have already contributed, or have contributed in the past. If you have contributed this year, our sincere thanks once again. If you have not, please do so in order that we can help along this case and the others that we sponsor. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Pleae make out your check to NCRJ and mail it to NCRJ, POB 191101, Roxbury MA 02119. Or you can donate via PayPal or Google Checkout at the NCRJ web site:

Thank you for your support.

-Bob Chatelle