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Anatomy of a Snitch Scandal

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Alexandra Natapoff, a law professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and the nation’s leading expert on the use of snitches, said the fact that Orange County officials engaged in unconstitutional behavior similar to what made headlines years earlier in Los Angeles County reveals the “entrenched” nature of the practice of using snitches in questionable ways. “We see it from the outside as a scandal that should not be repeated. But apparently Orange County officials didn’t see it that way,” she said. “They saw it as business as usual.”

Read the article in The Intercept by Jordan Smith.

From A Prisoner Seeking Pen Pals

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

I received the following message from a prisoner:

My name is Jennifer. I am 36 years old and I have experienced Parental Alienation Syndrome in soul crushing depth. As a result, I am now and have been a childless mother, sentenced to prison going on five years now. For years I have fought to be heard, and now that my children have come forth with the truth, I find it devastating that nothing has changed. My life’s passion is to use this situation to hopefully prevent other children from being brainwashed, used and cast aside like my children were.

I offer my full and honest disclosure as well as access to my case file containing brutal accusations followed by my children’s recantation (which I am trying to get transcripted) and my recent polygraph (which I passed and am trying to get a copy from the prison).

I am asking for help getting my voice heard and for finding a way to help my family as well as the families of others.


Jennifer wants people to correspond with. If you would like to write to her, email me at and I will give you her full name and address.


The Tragic Case of Gunther Fiek, a Forgotten Innocent Man

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

“The doors to Gunther’s classroom were solid, but windows were installed so that people in the hallway could see into the room. The doors were never locked, and were often propped open. There were mirrors on three of the classroom walls. Children and parents came and went in and out of the classroom while classes were going on. Some parents watched while sitting on chairs inside the room. Others would watch through the windows.

“On May 20, 2000 Gunther Fiek got married. Life was good. But six months later, a panic-driven witchhunt would devastate his promising young life and the lives of those he loves.”

Of the many cases I’ve been involved with, few have bothered me as much as that of Gunther Fiek. Gunther was a popular and successful Taekwondo instructor who worked with over 2,000 kids. His life was destroyed late in 2000 by a false accusation of sexual abuse, followed by a panic in which more accusations were manufactured by improper interviewing techniques. In October 2001, he was sentenced to 90 years without the possibility of parole.

For more information, follow this link.

Gunther’s family is not wealthy and they are unable to pay for the kind of legal help he needs. The Georgia Innocence Project only handles DNA cases and I have been unable to find another Innocence Project to look into this. I know a first-rate private investigator who will work for an affordable fee, but if he uncovers new evidence there will be no way to pursue it unless a good lawyer can be hired.

If anyone out there has any idea of how we might proceed by contacting me via the NCRJ: Perhaps a journalist could look into this case. To my knowledge, nothing decent has ever been written about it.

-Bob Chatelle