Help us fight for Reason, Justice, and Real Child Protection

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Dear Friends,

Victor Rosario spent 32 years behind bars in Massachusetts for arson and homicide of eight people, including five children. Fran and Dan Keller were locked up in Texas for 21 years for “satanic ritual abuse” at their daycare center.

All are innocent. This year Fran and Dan were exonerated. Victor moved a step closer to true freedom.

NCRJ was there for them—the Kellers since 2002, Rosario since 2007—with money, expertise, and practical and moral support. When almost no one would help anyone accused of a crime against children, you were there too.

We helped free the first person falsely accused in the child abuse panics, Bernard Baran, and hopefully the last, the San Antonio Four.

NCRJ will keep working for justice for people wrongfully convicted of crimes against children.

We cannot do it without your support. Before the year is out, please help us with $25, $50 or more.

The child-protection panics live on in the expanding regime of unjust, draconian punishment and control over the lives of “sex offenders,” who range from flashers to consensual teenage lovers to violent rapists.NCRJ fights against ineffective, draconian criminal policies:

  • sex offender registries that masquerade as child protection yet wreck individuals’ and families’ lives.
  • indefinite involuntary civil commitment of offenders, after completion of prison sentences, to prevent crimes they might commit.

We circulate the evidence that these policies do not protect children.

Like you, NCRJ supports child protection that is rational, constitutional, and compassionate. Like you, we want justice, both for the innocent and the guilty.

This work is rarely popular. That’s why your support is critical, courageous, and powerful.

Please help with a gift of $50, $100, or more.

Consider becoming a sustaining donor—to ensure that NCRJ is here as long as we’re needed.

For justice, and with gratitude,

Michael R. Snedeker for the NCRJ Board of Directors