Is Jerry Sandusky Innocent?

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Trial by Therapy:

The Jerry Sandusky Case Revisited

“Can a sustained, comprehensive case be made for that inference? [That Sandusky is innocent] It already exists, in a book that was rejected by every major publisher and finally issued in November 2017 by the modest Sunbury Press of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Until now the work has been almost entirely ignored by reviewers. Yet it comes with the strong endorsement of a world-renowned psychologist and memory expert, Elizabeth Loftus, and a leading expert on coercive interrogation methods and false confessions, Richard A. Leo. If they are right, Mark Pendergrast’s 391-page The Most Hated Man in America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment can erase the shame of both Penn State and Sandusky, who languishes in solitary confinement, for 22 hours a day, in a maximum-security state prison.”

Read the review by Frederick Crews of Mark Pendergrast’s provocative and important new book in Skeptic.